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For Windows 7 and later. Many will work back to XP or 2000.

'soi' Text to Speech

Reads text files using your default Windows text to speech voice.
Includes a GUI file picker (soi.exe) and command line tool (soicli.exe).

'ktype' Keyboard Input Simulator

Pass ktype a string on the command line and it will 'type' it as keystrokes.
The backslash \ represents ENTER.
Example: ktype "Hello World!\Second line"
Download (use the zip if your network blocks it)

'mmove' Mouse Movement Simulator

A command to move the mouse pointer to a position, or by a certain amount.
Example 1: mmove 10 20 moves the cursor to X=10 Y=20.
Example 2: mmove 30 40 1 moves the cursor by X=30, Y=40 pixels.
Download (again, zip available too)

'playwav' Audio Player Command

A command to play Wave (WAV) audio files with no GUI.
Example: playwav file.wav plays "file.wav"
Download (zip and source available)

'messbox' Message Box Command

A command to open a standard Windows message box with the given text.
Example: messbox "Hello World!"
Download (includes source)