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Joke Programs

Funny joke/prank programs for Windows. They don't damage your system in any way.
Still, please only run these programs on systems where you have permission to do so.
Some of them are particularly useful for Scambaiting.

Fake Command Prompt

It looks just like the Command Prompt, but try running dir or cd.
Hold F11 to make the command run normally or F12 for output directly targeted at scammers.
Download zip

Fake Syskey

The SAM Lock program, included in Windows until recently, is used by scammers to lock victim PCs with a code.
This application looks just like the real Syskey, but clicking 'Update' opens Windows Update instead of the code-setting form.
Download zip

Ultron Browser

The best browser in the universe is finally available for download!
This is a real, working web browser - it doesn't just redirect to some other download page.
The username/password boxes in the installer do nothing and can be left blank.
This is a parody program. It is not made by, used by, endorsed by, or affiliated with NASA or Google.
Download installer