TubeIcon just got easier

With the latest 1.5 update of TubeIcon, the application now includes a tool to pick the exact spot in your video that you want to grab your icon from. Also, TubeIcon uses FFmpeg instead of MPlayer, so you no longer have to install anything before you run TubeIcon, and the frame-grabbing is more accurate and higher quality.

Version also includes various bugfixes and an update to the help file. As with all TubeIcon updates, this one will install automatically if you already have the application on your computer.

TubeIcon Web is here

TubeIcon Web, a web-based version of TubeIcon, just launched today. TubeIcon Web is simple and easy, designed for users who don't need all the features of the desktop TubeIcon but still want to create nice video icons. TubeIcon Web allows you to upload a background image for your icon, then add an episode number, series title, and channel name to your icon. It works on all operating systems.

Another update for TubeIcon

There's been some nice changes to TubeIcon in the latest updates for that program. You can now use images (as well as videos) for the backgrounds on your icons, and you can save those icons in JPEG, GIF, or BMP format. But, the biggest and most useful change is the ability to save multiple different presets for your icon's text formatting - no more having to remember font names or text colors.

TubeIcon Update

TubeIcon just got an update today. This program for creating custom video icons now allows you to change which video you are getting the icon from without closing the program. Additionally, the icon-saving window has been updated, so you don't need to worry about saving your icon as the wrong file type anymore.
If you are an existing TubeIcon user, the program will allow you to update next time you open it.

SelfExtract Update

SelfExtract, my program for creating self-extracting archives, has gotten an update today. In the new version, the progress interface has has been improved, and a clear all option has been added to the file list box.
If you already have SelfExtract, the update should be automatically installed when you start the program (if you are connected to the Internet).

DropPigs Minecraft Mod

Recently, I have released my first mod for Minecraft, called DropPigs. This mod lets you drop pigs on people using the chat command /pig <username>. To prevent cheating, the command is not available in Survival mode.
If you don't already know, Minecraft is an indie sandbox survival game created by Markus "Notch" Persson.

quackPaint Released

A new program, quackPaint, has just been released. quackPaint is a simple and easy-to-use paint program whick supports WebP images.
WebP is a new image file format created by Google. WebP files are much smaller than PNGs, but with better quality than JPEGs and GIFs.
I plan on adding many more features to quackPaint, so the current version is basically a beta.

TubeIcon Update: Version 1.1.1

TubeIcon has been updated to version 1.1.1 rev. 6 today. If you have downloaded TubeIcon, it should automatically update the next time you run it.
The update adds an About box to the program, containing the version number, the license, and a link to the source code. Also included is a help file, which can be accessed by clicking the Help link in the program.

CHMSite Released!

Today (March 23) I have released a new program called CHMSite. This console-based Windows program allows you to convert CHM files to HTML webpages.
Most of the effort that this program required went into getting it to read the old HHC and HHK table-of-contents and index formats. The code I made to do this is packaged in a seperate DLL file called HHRead which could also be used for other CHM related programs.

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